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Simplification, carefully sequenced steps, and abundant reinforcement are the fundamental elements that make TRUST the effective tool it has proven to be.


is written in a straightforward manner that non-professionals can easily understand and use. The book is not riddled with educational jargon.

Sequenced Steps...

is organized in a logical, effective way. You’ll easily understand how to progress through the book. The review at the end of each chapter will help you decide if your student is ready to move on to the next step.

Abundant Reinforcement...

contains word lists of over 4,000 carefully sequenced words that are designed to teach and reinforce phonetic decoding at every level. For older students with a large sight vocabulary, TRUST also includes many lists of “nonsense words” (non-words) that provide an effective method of practicing decoding skills without relying on word recognition.

Click here for more information about TRUST’s lists of nonsense words and how they help problem readers.

Additional Features

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