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A Letter from Marna

Parents, teachers, and tutors:

Have you searched lately for appropriate literature for older youth and adults with reading problems?  Then you know that it is virtually impossible to find any stories that are written specifically to reinforce the phonics rules they are learning.

We are so delighted to have, at last, stories with a phonics-based vocabulary that you can use when you are working with preteens, teens, and adults!

Our two books of stories, renamed TRUST Tales-1 and -2, were published by Science Research Associates in the '70s as the "SRA Individualized Reading Skills Program."  I used them for years with my students of all ages, but they have been out of print for some time. Fortunately, McGraw-Hill Companies, now holding the copyright, have given us permission to publish them again.

These additions to our TRUST program are totally compatible with TRUST: A Sure Way to Teach Anyone to Read.  When you are teaching the short-vowel rules in Chapter 2 of TRUST, you will be able to back up your instruction with the stories in TRUST Tales-1.  You can use TRUST Tales-2 while you are working in Chapter 3 with long vowels.

I have found that most of my students only need the reading practice given them in these two books before they are confident enough at sounding out words to be ready to move on to less structured reading material. I think you will find this to be true with your students.

These books have sturdy, laminated covers and comb bindings (like TRUST). They are printed on durable paper. The stories, in normal-size print, would be interesting to any age.  Four or five comprehension questions follow each story, as well as various activities to give practice in sounding out words.

TRUST Tales-1 and -2 sell for $19.95 apiece. If both books are purchased, a 10% discount brings the price to $17.95 per book.

Click here to request ordering information, or visit our Products page for information about other materials that complement TRUST.


Marna Neufer

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