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TRUST: A Sure Way to Teach Anyone to Read


Teaching Frances to Read
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TRUST Tales-1 and TRUST Tales-2
For preteens to adults
 *10% discount if both books are purchased
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$19.95 ea.*

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For young beginning readers, we also recommend the following materials as supplements to TRUST and Teaching Frances to Read.

Published by Educators Publishing Service, Cambridge, MA.

Primary Phonics Storybooks
(Set of 10 books for each of 6 levels)

$23.75 each set

Primary Phonics Workbooks
(1 book for each level)

$6.75 each book

More Primary Phonics Storybooks
(An extra set of 10 books on the
first 2 levels - Sets "1A" and "2A")

$23.75 each set


Special Discount:  When all 8 sets of storybooks are purchased, our company alone gives a 10% discount. This provides an excellent opportunity for homeschooling families and coops to buy a term paper online.

Click here to see how these Primary Phonics products complement the TRUST system.

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