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Marna Neufer developed and tested the TRUST system over a 20-year period.  As a reading specialist, she has used this system to help children and adults learn how to read with confidence. Parents and tutors across the country have used TRUST with the same amazing success. Let the results speak for themselves...

A woman in California, who is teaching her husband to read, made this comment in referring to the TRUST Program for Preteens to Adults:

"Brad learned a lot and quickly with your program ... The initial outcome is that he pronounces words right the first time and can even sound them out to spell them.

"We both really appreciate the material. I had minimal preparation and we usually only studied together for 30 minutes at a time (he would lose patience beyond that).

"The results were quick, and he gained confidence so much that he got over a huge hump ... now we just need to do the rest of the work to ‘seal the deal’ toward total confidence and mastery. I'll let you know when we finish ..."

A high school teacher in Pennsylvania was assigned to work with some hard-to-teach kids whose reading skills were very poor. This is what she wrote:

I'm using your text daily with my classes, sometimes a mini-lesson, and some days we delve into it for almost the whole period.

I've had some real success with some 10th graders who were described by their teacher as ‘victims of whole language.’ They are really picking up the rules quickly and attacking unfamiliar words ...

The kids thank me every day at the end of the period. That says a lot! Your specific lessons, exceptions to the rules, and extensive word lists give me a lot to work with in a very concise way."

A woman teaching an adult to read sent this e-mail:

"I just wanted to let you know how things are going with Josh. He is responding very well. He is so excited about learning to read that he asked for more weekly meetings. When I first met him I asked him what he would like to be able to read for enjoyment. He couldn't give me an answer. I asked him a couple of weeks later, and his answer was... 'Anything I can get my hands on.'"

In reference to the TRUST Program for Young Beginning Readers, a homeschooling mom wrote:

"Not only did our five-year-old learn to read, but our four-year-old, as well."

"Our second grader was not learning to read. I felt frustrated and unsure of myself. Then I found TRUST and saw how simple it is…I could understand every word of it (and if I can understand it, anyone can). Our son caught on quickly and was soon sailing."

T.Y., Homeschool mom
 Williamsport, Pa.

“I wanted to try out TRUST, so I offered to help a third grader who had a severe reading problem. When we started in January, her teacher said she would probably fail the grade. With little support from home, the child had obviously given up hope.

As we began with TRUST, she came alive. Frankly, I was amazed at her rapid progress. In fact, at the end of the school year, the same teacher reported that she would ‘pass with flying colors!’ ”

L.D., Volunteer tutor
 Atlanta, Ga.


The following is taken from a letter written by a woman in Maine who is teaching her 50-year-old husband to read.

"Your method of teaching adult reading is excellent. A couple of different times Bill had Literacy Volunteer tutors and we even bought one of the commercial programs. Although he did get a little benefit from those, neither really taught him the ‘tools’ he needs to learn to read like your book does.

Also, I had always wanted to be able to help him learn, but there was nothing available to help me. Before we got your book, I felt helpless. I had no idea where to start or how to go about teaching someone to read ...

He made the comment a couple of weeks ago that he's been using all the tools he's learned a lot... I've seen a vast improvement since we've been using your program.

"I can't thank you enough for publishing this great book, and for being so interested in our progress. Bill was saying a little while ago that if we ever happened to be in your area he'd really like to meet you in person to thank you for all your help."


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