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Marna Neufer, a reading specialist in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, has worked successfully with hundreds of problem readers in both public school and private practice. When she first began teaching in the federally funded Title I program, she realized that unless her students learned how to decode unfamiliar words phonetically, they would never feel completely sure of themselves as readers.

In searching the market for ways to teach this crucial skill, it became apparent to her that there was a great need for a totally systematic approach — something that would do the whole job:

1) Teach a person step by step how to decode and write the language, and

2) Give them plenty of practice in mastering the skills.

At that point she began to develop her own material, one word list at a time, over many years.  It all worked; remarkably well!  She discovered that it was as effective with young beginning readers as it had proven to be with older youth and adults — those for whom reading had become a pain until TRUST turned things around for them.

Later, in her tutoring practice, when she found herself with more students than she could manage, she started giving copies of an earlier version of her manual to parents so they could work with their own children. She received valuable feedback from these parents as TRUST was becoming a tool that anyone could use to teach a person to read.

Mrs. Neufer did her undergraduate work at Oberlin College. She received a Master's degree in Elementary Education from Boston University, and her Reading Specialist Certification from Mansfield University.

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