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Is TRUST for Me?

Are you the parent of a sixth grader who, it has just been discovered, has a large sight vocabulary but doesn’t know how to figure out unfamiliar words?

question mark gifOR...are you a parent who has decided to homeschool your child because you are dissatisfied with public education?

OR...have you just learned that a friend of yours, or perhaps your spouse, has a serious reading problem?

OR...are you someone who has signed up as a volunteer tutor in a local program because you are appalled by the grim statistics on adult literacy?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, TRUST can help you.

The TRUST system was designed so that it could be used by non-professionals, people with no background in the field of education. Simple terminology and effective organization make it easy for anyone to use this method to teach others how to read, or improve their reading and spelling skills.

It is not difficult to teach someone to read if you are shown how to do it.  TRUST will do that for you!

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