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Parents and tutors of beginning readers, go step by step with a 6-year-old who was sure she would never learn to read.


Marna Neufer, the author of TRUST, provides a detailed account of her own experiences tutoring a child who got spooked by the sight-word approach to teaching reading. Her kindergarten teacher had given the children numerous words each week to memorize, but they were not taught to use the sounds of the letters to help them.  When Frances realized that she could not remember the words, the psychological effect on her was profound.

Teaching Frances to Read, covering Marna’s first 20 sessions with Frances, gives you a model that you can follow with your beginning reader. You will find complete instructions for the many games and activities (about 40 of them) that helped Frances overcome her frustration and fear. For some of these directions you will be referred to TRUST, which will also provide the basic teaching skills you will need, such as:

  • How to make learning the short-vowel sounds easy,
  • How "power endings" will move your child effortlessly into the long-vowel sounds,
  • Where you can find the chart to introduce vowels followed by the letter r,
  • And so much more!

Here's what Susan Richman, Editor of Pennsylvania Homeschoolers, says about Teaching Frances to Read:

The book is written in a warm and personal way... It is a terrific model of how to respond helpfully and concretely when working with a child who has built up real blocks to learning.

Visit our Products page for more information about these companion books: TRUST: A Sure Way to Teach Anyone to Read and Teaching Frances to Read.  You can also find out more about the "Primary Phonics Storybooks," which Marna refers to often in her sessions with Frances. With these valuable tools, your child cannot help but turn into a confident, joyous reader, just as Frances did.

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