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Primary Phonics Storybooks

Excellent phonics-based stories for young beginning readers.

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Phonics-based stories for older youth and adults!

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Using TRUST’s clear, simple approach, YOU can teach anyone how to read and write.

    I feel this phonics approach may be indeed a great help to parents working with kids with a history of reading failure, as well as families wanting to start out giving their kids a good sound beginning in basic reading skills.

    Susan Richman,
     Editor of Pennsylvania Homeschoolers

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    I have taught phonics and beginning reading for many years so, as soon as I reviewed your book, I knew I needed my own copy.

    Joan Deason, tutor
    The Kingsbury Center
    Washington, D.C.

    Comments by staff members of various adult literacy organizations:

    TRUST is so structured”... “a quality book”... “It’s a treasure.”

    The TRUST system is:

    • a well-organized and easy-to-use book of instructional tools, games, word lists, charts, flash cards, and much more.
    • a safe approach for beginning readers.
    • an immediate confidence builder for remedial students of all ages.
    • a method of teaching that does not intimidate children, yet at the same time does not insult or patronize adult learners.
    • a perfect tool for homeschoolers, adult literacy programs, and
      those learning to read and write English as a second language.

    If you are a concerned parent or a volunteer tutor, take a look at TRUST Features to see why this material will be especially helpful to you. Countless numbers of children, older youth, and adults have learned to read with TRUST after other methods failed to help them.  Your child or student can learn to read too--all it takes is a little TRUST!

    A companion book, Teaching Frances to Read, is available as a step-by-step model for parents and tutors of young beginning readers. Visit our Go Step-by-Step page to see how a little girl’s journey into reading can help you lead your own child or student down the path to literacy.


    Between 2002 and 2008 Marna sent out monthly tips, primarily on reading and spelling, with occasional tips on handwriting and grammar. You can write to her at if you would like to receive free e-mail copies of any or all of the 65 tips that have already been sent out.

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    You are also invited to sign up for the Read with TRUST mailing list to receive any future communications from Marna.


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