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Primary Phonics

Why I Recommend Primary Phonics Materials
as Supplements to TRUST

To parents of young beginning readers, from the author of TRUST:

As soon as children begin to ask how certain words are spelled, and show an interest in reading words in books, it is important for them to have access to beginning reading books that are purposely designed to teach them right from the start that the sounds of the letters give them the clues they need to spell and read those words.

By far, the best beginning readers I have found are the Primary Phonics Storybooks. They are carefully written with a phonetically controlled vocabulary, and the stories are amazingly Primary Phonics Storybooksclever. The Primary Phonics materials are not only a perfect way to launch these young beginners into the world of reading, but the stories can also be very helpful in building the confidence of second graders who still feel uneasy about reading.  You will see that guessing becomes virtually non-existent when your children use Primary Phonics because they soon realize that they can sound out all the words.

These storybooks come in packages of 10 different titles.  There are 80 of them altogether, covering six levels of gradually increasing difficulty.  They start with short vowels in level 1 and go on to long vowels, then vowels followed by /r/, and some longer words, etc. Since this is TRUST's order of presentation, they complement my book very well.

Each level has an 80-page accompanying workbook designed to promote independence in children as they become progressively more confident readers and spellers.

More Primary Phonics Storybooks will give you an extra set of ten books at the first two levels. (Sets "1A" and "2A") They are as well written as the original stories.

Special Discount: When all 8 sets of storybooks are purchased, our company gives a 10% discount. This provides an excellent opportunity for homeschooling families and coops to share these outstanding books.

Click here to learn about moving to the next level of reading material when Primary Phonics Storybooks are outgrown. TRUST Tales readers, with more words on each page and smaller type, offer the next step up for early readers.

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