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“I think this book could help children of any age read and spell.”

M.H., age 8
Clifton, Ohio

“We were shocked to discover that our third-grade son could only read words he had memorized! With TRUST I taught him how to decode unfamiliar words. What a gift to find this educational tool.”

I.D., MD
Williamsport, Pa.

“I was thirty-three years old with teenage children, and I didn’t know how to read. Then someone showed my wife how to help me with a book called TRUST. We worked hard every night after I got home from my job, and in a month I was reading!  I couldn’t believe it was so easy. My kids are really proud of me!”

Robbins, Tenn.

“My daughter was a reluctant reader with a habit of guessing at words. The nonsense word lists were invaluable in helping her form a new habit—decoding. Now she says, ‘I love to read!’ What a blessing TRUST has been to our family.”

L.R.J., Homeschool mom
Fishers, Ind.


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